10 Reasons to Use ActiPotens for Prostatitis Treatment

10 Reasons to Use ActiPotens for Prostatitis Treatment

Chronic prostatitis is one of the most common chronic diseases on earth. It is poorly understood and challenging to treat. The illness affects mainly the most capable of reproduction men of young and middle age. The recently collected statistics represent much older men suffering from prostatitis more often. Sometimes, the disease includes violation of copulative and generative functions. There is a way to get over it with pharmacological growth, though. In this article, we will consider the ten reasons to use ActiPotens.

Note! This article intends to provide you with information on ActiPotens. That is a dietary supplement and does not substitute medical treatment. Do not self-medicate and contact your doctor in case of bad health condition!

Whether you received a recipe from your doctor or want to know more on the topic, keep reading. We have many things to reveal to you!

Dealing with prostate issues

Being used during a particular period, determined by a doctor, ActiPotens shows a medical effect. The price is affordable.

The product contains only natural ingredients.

For example, raspberry lowers the outbreak of disease, swelling, and pain. The galangal medicates to avoid prostate cancer. It has antibacterial and antitumor effects. Then, any urinary discomfort is counteracted with Euryale ferox on the list of ingredients. Furthermore, Lycopene prevents changes on the cellular level. A powerful antioxidant, it diminishes local pain and blood stinging. You see, such a mighty mix of natural components helps you out of trouble in a healthy manner. One should follow the treatment instruction properly, thus improving love life and male performance.

It is important to remember that prevention is better than any treatment. Therefore, pay special attention to contraceptives – only barrier methods can protect the body from infections. A constant sexual partner and careful observance of personal hygiene also aid in avoiding infection that results in the occurrence of prostatitis as a complication of STIs.

Another important thing we should recall is that expressions of prostatitis often develop slowly. One may not see bright signs, and therefore a potential patient turns to the doctor already with a chronic process. Do not wait too long!

That type of disease is not only about pain and urination disorders. It may lead to infertility, weak erection, accelerated ejaculation, and other sexual disorders. In most cases, that is much easier to prevent prostatitis. Try to arrange a healthy lifestyle. The ecology is spoiled nowadays, but you can influence the amount of daily activity and the quality of your food. The next step is to get rid of bad habits. We speak about smoking, drinking alcohol, and accepting other fluids that cause addiction. Take care! However, if the disease has shown itself, you need to be treated by a urologist in a specialized clinic.


Reduce groin discomfort

ActiPotens helps with the pain due to natural components. Let us tell you more. The Wise-Anderson protocol is a method that treats prostatitis as a chronic type of spasm, akin to regular calf cramps, in the muscles in and around the pelvis. The nature of these convulsions is a vicious circle: tension – a state of anxiety – pain – a protective reaction. In case one does not break that vicious circle, the problem will develop into a chronic one. It will hardly disappear on its own then.

They say that the pelvic muscles spasm is akin to how scared animals instinctively hide their tail between their hind legs, tensing their pelvic muscles. People do not have a tail anymore, but some, in constant stress, still tense their pelvic muscles. That chronic tension/spasm of the pelvic floor can lead to chronic pain above the pubis, in the penis, scrotum, perineum, anus, coccyx, and lower back. That body area can cause problems with urination, defecation, ejaculation, sitting, and other daily activities. ActiPotence, with calming down effect, may lead to your body relaxation. Clarify the necessity of usage with your doctor.

Reliably get rid of problems with urination, regardless of its cause! The problem of frequent urination will not disappear by itself.

Pain sensations differ depending on how active the inflammatory process is. The pain usually appears within a few hours at acute prostatitis or an exacerbation of the chronic disease. Most often, it is localized in the perineum. It can give to the glans penis, suprapubic region, anus, or lower back. An acute process is the cause of severe pain, which becomes more intense after urination or ejaculation. Urination can also be painful. With chronic prostatitis, aching pains often occur, especially in the morning or because of a long sitting position. The patient experiences the most intense sensations with an abscess of the prostate gland or with advanced acute prostatitis.

The pain is very severe, throbbing or shooting, sometimes accompanied by fever and fever. This condition requires an immediate visit to the doctor.


Urination frequency reduce

Congestive prostatitis very quickly becomes bacterial due to infection. Prostatitis is preceded or accompanied by inflammation in the urethra (urethritis) in many cases.

One of the significant factors contributing to the development of prostatitis is the systematic intake of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol causes fatty degeneration of the tissues of the testicles and liver, which, through a complex system of hormone metabolism, contributes to a sharp drop in the level of male sex hormones. That creates the prerequisites for the development of the inflammatory process in the prostate gland. Beer turns the entire microflora of the genitourinary tract (from the kidneys to the urethra) into an aggressive state.

Inflammation of the prostate can lead to enlargement, swelling of the tissues of this organ, and squeezing of the prostatic part of the urethra. That provokes various disorders of urination. Violation of the patency of urine through the urethra leads to chronic urinary retention in the bladder, which, in turn, contributes to the formation of stones, inflammation of the bladder, and later inflammation of the kidneys with a decrease in their function.


Male performance-enhancing

Numerous nerve endings in the prostate gland during the sexual arousal of a man transmit impulses to the sexual centers located in the spinal cord and brain, which are responsible for erection and ejaculation. In chronic prostatitis, the natural course of processes is disturbed. First, premature ejaculation develops with a normal erection. Then the feeling of voluptuousness (orgasm) during ejaculation weakens and decreases. With a decrease in the production of sex hormones, a weakening of sexual desire develops.

Reproductive disorders (infertility) mean the inability to conceive. At chronic prostatitis, profound metabolic disorders in the prostate gland develop. That leads to insufficient (in terms of quantity and quality) production of prostate secretion, which sharply impoverishes the seminal fluid with substances necessary for normal life and sperm motility.


Enhances libido

The psychology of a man is following. Even minor violations in the sexual sphere cause a false fear of sexual intimacy, lack of confidence in their abilities, and hence functional disorders of the nervous system. That fact leads to sexual neurosis and, in turn, impairs sexual function. Hence, the conclusion is not to ignore prostatitis. It is necessary to identify this disease on time and begin treatment. ActiPotens is often recommended by doctors. Ask your one to find the best treatment for yourself.


Increases the duration of sexual intercourse

Sexual intercourse can end quickly due to long abstinence and emotional overloads. However, those factors are of short duration and do not cause inconveniences to partners. Having learned the reason that affects the onset of ejaculation, you can find a suitable method to increase the time of sexual pleasures. While suffering from genitourinary diseases, one requires rapid ejaculation treatment under the urologist’s supervision. Most often, a specialist conducts anti-inflammatory therapy with an effect on the seminal tubercle. If the cause was only in the consequences of the disease, then it would not be hard to eliminate it.


Strengthens the vessels

Stagnation of blood provokes the development of prostatitis, and sports and any physical activity improve blood circulation. The walls of blood vessels are also strengthened, they become more elastic, the heart muscle is trained. A feasible sport is shown to all men who lack physical activity. Most professions now involve sitting and standing for a long time, which is bad for health. Sports are especially necessary for chronic prostatitis, which can develop over the years and practically does not manifest itself. The chronic form of the disease occurs both because of undertreatment and constant stagnation of blood and edema. For successful treatment of a sluggish form of prostatitis, it is necessary to increase blood flow in the pelvic area. Sports will help.

Can sport provoke an exacerbation of the disease? Directly or indirectly, any stress before competitions, lack of sleep during the training process, and practicing after work leads to unpleasant situations associated with exacerbation of prostatitis.


Long remission in case of prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis in remission is usually mild and not accompanied by any symptoms. However, it is important to understand that temporary relief will not last forever. If complex treatment is not carried out, the symptoms of the disease will most probably return again.

Achieving long-term remission in chronic prostatitis is not easy but possible. The main components of success are timely access to a specialist and diagnosis of prostatitis, compliance with all recommendations of the urologist-andrologist, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To bring the patient into remission, use: NSAIDs – reduce pain, stop inflammation; alpha-blockers – normalize urodynamics, promote muscle relaxation, stimulate the better discharge of prostatic secretion; prostate massage – improves blood microcirculation in tissues, raises muscle tone; para prostatic blockade – designed to relieve acute pain; drug electrophoresis, ultra phonophoresis, and other physiotherapeutic techniques – fix the results of treatment, help the patient stay in remission longer.

Even having chronic prostatitis you can lower the number of exacerbations to a minimum. At remission, the disease almost does not bother the patient. The pain is usually associated with an exacerbation or subacute process. For the remission to be long-term, follow your doctor’s recommendations.


General health condition

Most exercises and sports are allowed only in remission when prostatitis subsides. Physical activity during the acute period of the disease can cause complications. You can add calm physical loads during an exacerbation, with the permission of a doctor, though. However, that is an increased risk.

The main contraindications to playing sports relate to the prostatitis acute phase. At this time, you can not lift and push weights. You can not squat with weighting. Active tennis, rollerblades, weightlifting, horseback riding can also damage – during such training, due to excessive load, the vessels in the prostate narrow, which can cause swelling. This is especially dangerous after prostate surgery.

Another important rule is not to warm up or cool down the prostate. It may seem that heat and cold can relieve pain, but in conditions of bacterial inflammation, on the contrary, they are harmful. Heating the inflamed prostate increases blood circulation and helps bacteria multiply, therefore, only worsening the condition. Cooling weakens local immunity, and it fights the pathogen worse. In the treatment of chronic prostatitis, it is recommended to avoid hypothermia and overheating above body temperature. This applies even to periods between exacerbations, and during an acute process, it is especially important to observe the rule.


Add more Healthy Food

Human health directly depends on what he eats. That is especially true for men prone to such an unpleasant disease as prostatitis. For the prevention and treatment of prostate adenoma or prostatitis, consider your diet carefully. You should balance your meal by including foods rich in vitamins and microelements.

Healthy foods Products containing zinc. Zinc is one of the most vital trace elements for the prostate. For its content in the body to be within the normal range, it is necessary to eat seafood (shrimp, oysters, seaweed), garlic, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds. Food is rich in vitamin B. It is vitamin B that contributes to the active production of testosterone and an increase in sperm motility. Therefore, in the diet of men should always be rye bread, fresh meat, and fish. Dairy products. When treating prostatitis, doctors advise men to drink bifidobacterium, curdled milk, ayran, fermented baked milk, and eat sour cream. In addition, bran with yogurt or kefir is extremely useful. This dish helps avoid constipation – one of the factors that aggravate prostatitis. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Nothing keeps you healthy like fresh vegetables and fruits. For a man to have strong immunity and never be bothered by signs of prostatitis, he needs to eat tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower, zucchini, pumpkin, potatoes, green peas, parsley, lettuce, beets, melons, watermelons, apples, etc. For example, it has been proven that eating raw carrots has a positive effect on the production of seminal fluid and on sex hormones. Citrus fruits contain a large amount of vitamin C, and therefore help to strengthen the immune system and increase libido. Cereals. Various cereals based on oatmeal, buckwheat, and millet are very useful for men’s health. Foods that reduce the risk of developing prostatitis also include soups with dietary broth, olive oil, dried fruits, and honey. From drinks, it is better to give preference to pure water, fruit drinks, compotes, freshly squeezed juices, jelly, and rosehip broth. It is advisable to refuse or limit the consumption of fatty and fried foods.


Drink more water.

Often prostatitis is accompanied by damage to the urinary tract: pathogens accumulate in the urethra, urethra. Urethritis develops, which only aggravates the symptoms: it is painful for a man to go to the toilet, he feels pain and burning, frequent urges, sometimes false or too intense. This condition also requires medication but can be relieved by drinking plenty of fluids and going to the toilet frequently. During illness, the body needs more water, and frequent urination helps flush out bacteria from the urethra and reduce inflammation. During prostatitis, defecation can also be painful: a plentiful drinking regimen will help soften the feces and ease the pain. For the same reason, doctors sometimes include laxatives in the treatment regimen, but you should not use them without the recommendation of a specialist.

For a middle-aged man, prostatitis is most often congestive. Get over it with good medication! ActiPotens is a soultion! Make sure with your doctor. Then, a modern man moves less and sits a lot (at the computer, in the car, at meetings, etc.). Not many people go for a walk in the park after work or go in for physical education and sports. Increasingly, they spend time on the couch in from of the TV. That way of life is a direct road to “congestive prostatitis”. The solution is one: we need to move more, approximately, 1.5-2 hours of walking per day at a brisk pace. That is about 7-10 kilometers per day. On the stairs, going up, you need to step over 2 steps, regularly take breaks while working with elements of industrial gymnastics, to live an active lifestyle. We add, of course, regularity in sexual life! In case of problems in the intimate sphere, necessarily consult with your urologist. Do it as soon as a problem is suspected.


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